GilesTech are savvy website professionals.  They were very flexible with my schedule and  taught me much about PLONE/ZOPE website  development -- Much Thanks!

 - Jamison L. [AUG 2016]
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Project # Start Date Estimated Completion Date Type Status
GTG0003917b 09/2016 11/2016 Website Redesign
GTG0003917a 07/2015 12/2016 iPhone App
GTG0003923 09/2016 01/2017 Event Coordinator Website
GTG0003925 05/2016 11/2016 Contracting Website
GTG0003931 10/2016 11/2016 Laptop Repair Service
GTG0003932 11/2016 12/2016 Payment Gateway Upgrade
GTG0003935 11/2016 11/2016 Website Updates
GTG0003943 11/2016 1/2017 Website Use Operation Procedures
GTG0003949 11/2016 1/2017 Website Design Student Certification Exam
    not started        in progress        testing        final
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Business Website
Cost: $750
- 10-12 pages
- Domain name
- No setup fees

Website Hosting & Design
Cost: $550
- 5-9 pages
- Domain name
- 2000 Mb of web space
- 200 Email Accounts
- 60 Gb Transfer rate

Business Support

- Preventative Maintenance
- Quick Fix Phone Support
- On-Site Technical Support
- Free Consultation
- One-on-One Training
- Interactive Training CD's

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